Environment Awareness

The SAES Bandipora Kashmir aims to strive for the preservation and promotion of our rich physical and social environment and all the dedicated members are ready to provide selfless services to preserve our fast depleting rich culture and natural wealth. It is our commitment to work for the uplifting of the economically poor people, the persons with disability, orphan, widow and the ailing people by whatever means available.

The organization is also making efforts and always ready to help the government for ensuring successful implementation of various developmental plans regarding education, health and hygiene including basic needs and amenities provided by the government and also promote tourism, preserve cultural heritage and give its best for promotion of agriculture and industrialization to boost the economy for the well-being of people.

Following the scientific approach, the organization believes to conduct social and physical environmental studies to provide basis for the various developmental projects. Such studies are expected to provide guidelines regarding various developmental projects and can also help for monitoring progress of the projects being undertaken by the government/NGOs from time to time. Further in every activity NGOs take care of engaging or involving the literate or illiterate, unemployed youth, skilled, unskilled, qualified persons and professionals from the thrust area as per requirement, keeping in mind the present unemployment crisis

The discrepancies if any in writing of this proposal due to shortage of time and internet facilities may not be taken as intentional. Hope the authorities will take into consideration the positive approach of the organization for sustainable economic development, with its basic premise of involvement of peoples and places and their interdependence for their wellbeing.